Expedited Shipping

Custom-Engineered Expedited Shipping Logistics Solutions

We build Expedited logistics plans from scratch just for you.

Expedited Shipping Logistics

At American Expediting, our expedited shipping services are expertly designed to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination swiftly and efficiently. We offer a spectrum of expedited shipping options to cater to your distinct needs, including:

Same-day courier service: Ideal for time-sensitive shipments requiring delivery within 24 hours.
Next-day air: For shipments that necessitate arrival at their destination by the following morning.
Second-day air: For shipments with a delivery window of two days.
In addition to our fast shipping options, we offer a range of complementary logistics services to augment our expedited shipping services, such as:

Warehousing and distribution
Animal transportation
White glove services
Aviation logistics
Managed transportation services
Why Choose Our Expedited Shipping Services?

Choosing our expedited shipping services carries numerous benefits, including:

Swift and efficient delivery of your shipment
A broad array of shipping options to choose from
Access to complementary logistics services
Assistance from our experienced and professional team
When you have a time-sensitive shipment that demands quick and efficient delivery, rely on American Expediting. Reach out to us today at AE to discover more about our expedited shipping services and how we can help facilitate your shipment’s journey.

Choosing the Right Professional Shipping Service for Your Needs

Selecting an apt shipping service for your needs involves considering several factors:

Your shipment’s delivery timeframe
The size and weight of your shipment
The destination of your shipment
Any special delivery requirements
After considering these aspects, you can then select the shipping service that aligns best with your needs. Contact us today to get started.

Tips for Preparing Your Package for Shipment

Preparation is key when shipping your package. Here are some tips to guarantee that it arrives safely and on time:

Use sturdy boxes and padding materials like bubble wrap for protection.
Seal your box using shipping-specific tape, avoiding duct tape or packing peanuts that might loosen in transit.
Clearly label your box, including destination and return addresses, and any special delivery instructions.
Choose an expedited shipping service based on your delivery timeframe, and the size and weight of your package.
For assistance with logistics or more information on how to ready your shipment for delivery, our team at American Expediting is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

The Importance of Working With a Professional Shipping Company

Collaborating with a professional shipping company brings several benefits:

Access to expert knowledge and industry experience: Professionals can help you select the right shipping service and ensure your shipment is ready for delivery.
Peace of mind: Knowing your shipment will arrive safely and on time.
A reliable partner: You can count on a professional shipping company to get your shipment to its destination.
Looking for a professional shipping company to assist with your next shipment? Contact American Expediting today. We’re eager to help.

Delivery Times and Tracking Information

One of the perks of using our expedited shipping services is the ability to track your shipment in real time. We’ll provide you with a tracking number at pick-up, and you can use it to follow your delivery’s progress. Our team will keep you updated on any changes in the delivery schedule, so you can plan accordingly.

Have any questions about our expedited shipping services? Please contact us today. We’re here to assist you. American Expediting offers a wide variety of expedited shipping services to meet your needs.

How We Deliver Outside the Box

1. Understand

Our highly trained logistics consultants will work closely with your team to fully understand your objectives, metrics, and the scope of your needs.

2. Build

We’ll dissect available data, pull together the right experts, carefully assess alternatives, and develop an effective, efficient plan. Whatever it takes to get from Point A to Point B to Point C and beyond, we’ll dig in and map out the best possible solution.

3. Deliver

We’ll deliver on your customized transport plan with precision, ensuring you have full visibility to each step of the journey and nimbly adapting as needed. We’ll provide reports and dashboards tailored to your specific key performance indicators.

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Case Studies

American Expediting is a national carrier with a well established, proven transportation network and a team of highly trained, creative logistics experts. Our logistics managers leverage our more than 40 warehouses across the country and our network of drivers and agent partners to turn your logistics challenges into growth opportunities.

Customer Challenge:

Safely store sensitive surgical equipment near their customers and have it immediately delivered on-demand when needed.

Our Custom Solution:

Our forward stocking locations (FSLs) store the carefully calibrated equipment. Couriers transport the equipment as it’s needed to hospitals and surgery centers. They then unpack and set up the equipment, turn it on and test it’s working properly, remove and dispose of all packing material, and manage all necessary signatures and documentation.

Customer Challenge:

Efficiently replace point-of-sale systems at thousands of locations nationwide, ensuring new systems are delivered precisely when installers arrive at each restaurant.

Our Custom Solution:

We receive their new POS systems and pre-stock them at our secure warehouses across the country. When a time-definite installation is scheduled, we stage the system at the nearest warehouse and prep for transport. Our couriers meet up with installation crews at the precise time and location, frequently overnight so restaurant operations aren’t disrupted. We confirm delivery with the manufacturer, remove the old systems and prep them for recycling.

Customer Challenge:

Build a custom expo booth and install electronics for their client at a major tradeshow, ensuring all materials are set up perfectly and broken down to meet the venue’s strict requirements and timelines.

Our Solution:

We understand how expensive and time-critical tradeshow installations are. We accept in-bound shipments of materials, assess OS+D (over, short and damaged), and safely store in our warehouse closest to the venue. Couriers transport and deliver the materials to the venue door, or directly to the client’s booth space where they build and install the exhibit according to the agency’s specific instructions. When the show ends, they pick up all materials and either transport back to storage or arrange disposal.

Customer challenge:

Fill orders for their products made in China, ensuring precise quantities of multiple products are delivered to retailers across the U.S. in time for a seasonal promotion.

Our Solution:

TSA-certified couriers receive air freight from China at LAX and transport to our FSL next to the airport. Our logistics and project managers sort the freight and prepare to forward to multiple locations, using varied modes of transport to distribute the freight across the country following the customized transport plan. Final-mile couriers deliver products to the individual retail outlets, ensuring all shipments are tracked, signed for, and documented according to the manufacturer’s specific protocols.

Learn how American Expediting can develop and deliver custom solutions for you.