Warehousing to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Our safe and secure forward stocking locations (FSLs) handle medical equipment, machine parts, industrial supplies, and much more.

When you need to store high-value materials, there’s no room for error.

Whether it’s short-term storage as part of your supply chain or longer-term storage to facilitate just-in-time shipping, American Expediting is the warehousing partner you can trust. Our safe and secure forward stocking locations (FSLs) handle medical equipment, machine parts, industrial supplies, and much more. We’ll receive your assets, manage your inventory, and deliver to your customer accurately, on time, every time.

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Of course our warehousing facilities are built and maintained to the highest standards, it’s our aggressive multi-modal security systems that will put your mind at ease. Our closed-circuit video surveillance, remote smoke/heat/flood/contact sensor monitoring, and stringent access protocols are carefully designed and maintained to secure your most valuable assets.


We continually innovate to ensure our technology is first-in-class. Our industry-leading warehouse & inventory management systems ensure accurate and efficient tracking, and that real-time data can feed directly into your ecommerce engine. Every element of our warehousing technology – inventory tracking, security, and distribution — is seamlessly integrated to ensure non-stop coverage and reliability.

National Infrastructure

American Expediting has 35 FSLs strategically located nationwide, so we’re well prepared to provide warehousing visibility and value everywhere you need us to be. Managing your inventory effectively helps you reduce costs, optimize efficiency, and free up your own capacity to fuel your business growth.

Critical Inventory Logistics

Effectively manage your most demanding aftermarket supply needs from order inception to delivery confirmation with our Critical Inventory Logistics solution. Your supplies will be delivered with the speed you need to help you meet required service level agreements (SLAs), fully optimize your supply chain, reduce costs, and give you complete visibility into every step of the process.

Service Parts Logistics (SPL)

Warehouse your inventory closer to the point of use and you’ll always be prepared to deliver the right parts at the right time. With our SPL solution you’ll consistently meet your SLA response times, increase inventory availability, and empower your technicians to respond to more calls and with less downtime. Continuous RFID tracking throughout transport provides full visibility and reduces write-offs.

“American Expediting is a strong courier because they excel at communicating with their customers. We have never had an issue getting a hold of the company. They deliver packages on-time, and effectively manage inventory in an organized fashion. We appreciate the access to management that American Expediting provides. I can call them with an urgent issue, and almost immediately a senior manager will call me to resolve the problem.”

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New York, NY
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We Deliver

Aggressive security

Complete visibility

Just-in-time shipping

Broad and growing presence

Better Outcomes

So your most valuable assets are safe 24/7/365

For real-time inventory tracking

To get your inventory wherever it needs to be

To serve you across the U.S. and globally