Medical Courier Service

Improve medical courier service and enhance patient care

As a trusted specialty life science logistics company, American Expediting is quickly expanding into pharmaceutical storage and distribution.

Our first-in-class security systems ensure product safety and efficacy and monitor full chain of custody through bulk shipment, storage and delivery to caregivers and patients.

Medical Courier Service

There are many different types of medical courier services, but they all have one thing in common: the need for speed. Whether it’s delivering lab results or bringing vital medication to a patient in need, medical couriers play a crucial role in the healthcare system. If you need to use a medical courier service, call on American Expediting.

  • Our highly trained healthcare logistics experts ensure complete accountability and supply chain integrity throughout the distribution process.
  • Our bio-storage repositories comply with the most rigorous regulatory requirements, enhance your operational efficiency, and help you reduce distribution costs.
  • With an integrated cold chain logistics network, we’re prepared to provide a complete chain of custody and audit trail for each and every delivery.
  • Throughout it all, our customer portal provides complete transparency so you can monitor real-time temperature, humidity, and site security at all times.

What are Medical Courier Services?

Medical courier services refer to specialized companies that ensure the safe transportation of medical specimens and other sensitive medical materials. These services are often availed by hospitals, clinics, and various healthcare facilities for secure and safe delivery.

Medical courier services deploy a multitude of transportation methods to ascertain the timely arrival and intact condition of your specimens or materials. The methods can range from ground transportation, air transportation, to specialized courier services that employ particular transportation methods for sensitive items.

Why Use Medical Courier Services?

Several reasons make medical centers opt for medical courier services. Foremost, it is crucial to transport specimens and materials safely and securely, especially when dealing with sensitive or hazardous materials.

Secondly, medical courier services save considerable time and hassle. They pick up your specimens or materials from your premises and deliver them straight to the laboratory or other designated locations, saving you significant time and effort.

Moreover, medical courier services provide tracking and tracing facilities, allowing real-time knowledge of your specimens or materials’ location. This comes in handy when tracking a lost or missing shipment.

Lastly, many medical courier services offer a range of valuable additions like specimen storage and handling that can be incredibly beneficial for healthcare facilities.

Choosing a Medical Courier Service

A few considerations are necessary when opting for a medical courier service. Primarily, the type of materials you’ll be transporting should be taken into account as it dictates the transportation methods the courier service will use.

How Our Medical Courier Services Work?

Our medical courier services are structured to ease your burdens. We pick up your specimens or materials from your premises and deliver them directly to the laboratory or elsewhere. Additionally, we provide valuable services like specimen storage and handling, making us an invaluable asset for healthcare facilities.

For reliable medical courier service, feel free to reach out to us today. We’re eager to discuss your requirements and offer a free quote.

Benefits of Using Our Medical Courier Services

There are numerous benefits to using medical courier services. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Assurance of safe and secure delivery of specimens or materials.
  • Time and hassle-saving benefits.
  • Shipment tracking for real-time updates.
  • Many medical courier services provide value-added services like specimen storage and handling.
  • Long-term cost savings.

If you require a medical courier service, connect with us today. We’re more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a free quote.

Who Are Our Couriers and What Are Their Qualifications?

Our couriers are seasoned professionals dedicated to the safe and secure delivery of your specimens or materials. All our couriers undergo thorough background checks and receive the necessary training to handle your shipment with utmost care and safety.

Thank you for choosing American Expediting for your medical courier services!

Certifications + Accreditations

American Expediting provides storage environments and transport solutions that fully protect your drugs and therapies. We are committed to compliance with the established standards of Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) — our policies and protocols are entirely focused on minimizing your risk and optimizing your supply chain.

We have years of experience managing the most complex cold chain requirements and carry the qualifications and certifications needed to meet regulatory standards — ISO 9001, GDP Platinum Certification, IAC, HIPAA, and more — and facilitate every step of your pharmaceutical distribution. American Expediting operates according to the full security compliance requirements of TSA and DHS following IACSSP 6A (Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program).

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