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Transform Your Customer Experience with Expert Storage + Logistics

With decades of experience serving manufacturers, American Expediting is uniquely positioned to meet your warehousing, logistics and delivery needs.

We understand that providing your end-customers with a seamless and positive customer experience is a critical priority as you work to unlock sustained growth for your business.

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Customer expectations for delivery speed and accuracy have never been higher. Our industry-leading warehouse & inventory management systems ensure accurate and efficient product tracking and feed real-time availability data directly into your ecommerce engine. When it comes to final-mile delivery, we’ll ensure a frictionless customer experience that builds loyalty to your brand, whether it’s a small package arriving at precisely the right time or white glove services for in-home set-up.

Critical Parts

Warehouse your inventory closer to the point of use and you’ll always be prepared to deliver the right parts at the right time. Virtually eliminate manufacturing downtime when critical parts get in the hands of your technicians on a dime. Continuous RFID tracking provides full visibility throughout transport.

End-to-End Logistics

American Expediting is the trusted partner you need when you’re looking to outsource your fulfillment and transportation engine. We’re uniquely qualified to take on your most complex logistics processes and help you meet your objectives — improve efficiency, reduce logistics costs, optimize communication across your supply chain, and more.

First-in-Class Solutions

“The primary reason we started working with American Expediting was the level of customer service that we receive from their support team. We need a courier that is attentive and flexible.”

Distribution Manager
Manufacturing Customer, Boston, MA

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