We’re as Nimble and Responsive as the Great Law Firms We Support

Our legal couriers become extensions of your team, just as committed to meeting court filing deadlines as you are.

Last-minute rush deliveries are common practice for us, our dispatchers understand the sensitive nature of time-critical legal deliveries and are prepared to respond to your most complex logistics and delivery challenges.

Legal cases have crucial deadlines and there’s no time to waste. Our nationwide teams will design and provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution and we’ll manage evidentiary chain-of-custody requirements with precision and care.

Focus on serving your firm’s clients with care and let American Expediting keep your filings, documents, and processing papers on track.

First-in-Class Solutions

“American Expediting’s delivery times are really good.  They perform their services in the agreed upon timeframe in a professional, efficient manner.”

Logistics Specialist
Montreal, Canada

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