Food & Hospitality

American Expediting understands that your business is all about meeting, even exceeding, your guests’ expectations.

  • Our quality service standards are as high as your most demanding customers’ so you can count on us to meet, even exceed, your expectations, too.
  • Your events need to run according to plan, coffee beans need to arrive fresh and on time, convention exhibits must be stored and handled just so.
  • When you need all the pieces to fall into place perfectly, we’re ready to help you deliver with confidence.
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Our valued customers include:

Conference + event planners


Hotels + resorts

Food + coffee distributors

Equipment manufacturers

Specialty retailers

Event venues

Theme parks

Like you, we anticipate every contingency and ensure our transport plans work flawlessly. Drivers always obtain a signature on delivery, including the signatory’s full name, so everything can run smoothly no matter how many front-of-house people are staffing your property or event.

First-in-Class Solutions

“AmEx is a very strong courier provider. They make deliveries on-time and use highly-professional drivers that understand our business.”

Special Project Coordinator
Food Retailer, Richmond, VA

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