What do Lab Couriers do?

One of the most important questions that need to be answered before looking at lab couriers, is what do they do? Lab courier services are predominantly provided by logistics firms that provide enhanced services to the medical industry. This helps ensure the integrity of the medical specimen and an efficient turnaround time. Laboratory shipments are handled by professional couriers that are specially trained in customer services and specimen handling.

American Expediting has been in the business of offering specialized medical courier services for close to 40 years. As a nationwide firm, we can handle your needs all over the country, whenever and wherever you may need us. To better understand how we can improve the quality of your deliveries, as well as save you money, we wanted to explain what it is exactly what it is we do as a lab courier company.

Lab specimens, chemicals and other sensitive and often dangerous elements require special handling when being transported. We collect and deliver lab results, medical images, and pharmaceuticals. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle does not leave much time for people to visit labs and drop of specimens. Our services are designed to keep up with technological and lifestyle changes.

At American Expediting, we deal with millions of supply orders per day. In a situation where a patient orders online medication, the medication can be delivered on a daily basis with the use of our dedicated medical couriers.

Medical Courier Service

Here are a few things that we do:
  1. Pick-up

Our lab couriers provide pick-up services to customers who need blood, stool, urine or other samples delivered to laboratories for medical testing. They use equipment that is specially designed to keep the specimen intact. Temperature controlled containers are used to provide the right environment for the specimens to be transported.

  1. Delivery

After pick-up, the specimens are delivered to the laboratories. When the specimen must travel by air, the courier can be sure the package is safely on the plane. Upon landing, another courier can retrieve the package to ensure it makes it safely to its final destination. This depends on the type of specimen collection and what kind of tests it must go through. We provide deliveries for both laboratories and customers. This provides safe delivery to both the parties saving time and costs.

  1. Proper Equipment

Lab couriers provide proper handling and transportation of medical samples. The equipment that is allocated for this service is specially equipped to maintain specific temperatures. With the use of multi-compartment coolers, your cold chain needs can be met. Specially trained professionals handle the transfer of all the samples and medicinal substances.

  1. Professional Handling

Our couriers are highly experienced. In addition, they are all compliant with OSHA, HIPPA, DOT, TSA, and other regulatory agencies. There are also certified HAZMAT and biohazard specialists. Couriers understand the types of specimens, and the proper ways for them to be handled and the temperatures at which to keep them. They understand the importance of their role in picking up and delivering to and from labs and patients.

  1. Cost-effective

If you must transport medicine or sample miles away, you will probably have to pay double the amount when using standard shipping methods. Medical records, x-rays, and samples require special handling and are costly on their own. Lab couriers on the other hand, provide specialised services that come with budget-friendly options.

Bottom Line

American Expediting is the right choice to make for transporting any samples, medicine, x-rays, etc. We provide just-in-time deliveries that are required in laboratories or hospitals. If you do not have the time to pick up your routine medications or reports or delivery samples this is the best and safest way. Our services provide an efficient and cost-effective way of delivering specimens to places that are far away or in other cities. We have helped to improve the quality of medical services for both medical firms and patients alike.


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