TMJ Acupuncturist Thousand Oaks

Acupuncture is an age-old practice in many native areas worldwide but a growing treatment in the western world. What do you think of when you hear of acupuncture? Most people visualize a dozen needles sticking onto the body and causing just as much pain as you would get from dozens of medical needles. How does acupuncture relate to jaw pain? Let us start by learning about acupuncture and how it will offer relief to your ailments.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of needles to offer relief for a variety of ailments. A licensed acupuncturist knows which needles to use and how to insert them at various points to stimulate the nervous system. In the end, this therapy will stimulate your connective tissue, nervous system, and muscles in the targeted areas for reduced pain and discomfort. The National Institute of Health reports that acupuncture recommends that you visit a specialized professional if you have a specific ailment, which means you should visit a dental acupuncturist if you want TMJ treatment in Thousand Oaks instead of the general spa acupuncture.

How acupuncture works for TMJ and jaw pain

TMJ happens when the lower jaw has fatigue and pain, which triggers the pain to spread to the shoulders. How does poking the needle offer effective pain relief?

It does not make any sense to insert needles on an already painful area. We promise that this therapy offers integrative healing for thousands of ailments, including TMJ. Here is a little breakdown of how it works to offer relief.

One 2017 study states that acupuncture is highly effective for temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome or people who suffer from myofascial pain. Many people with TMJ-related issues find immense relief from clenching and grinding, as well as the crippling pain of a nervous dysfunction.

What to expect during treatment

The first treatment will generally last longer because we will schedule a detailed medical analysis and a complete breakdown of the treatment you need. We want to learn more about your stress levels, diet, dental history to give you the perfect opportunity for fast relief.

Our specialist will give you the opportunity for questions, so you are comfortable settling down into the actual session. The actual insertion of needles will take approximately 20 minutes before we let them sit for a while before removing them. Overall, a single session will last an hour or two from the moment you enter the office.  

Benefits of acupuncture for TMJ and sleep therapy

The treatment reduces inflammation and pain to stimulate the nerves and trigger transformation from the brain. Researchers noted that acupuncture stimulated the release of neurotransmitters which then control and regulate muscle tension.

Reduce stress

Acupuncture reduces stress because it relaxes involuntary muscle tension and reduces cortisol. Our acupuncturist in Thousand Oaks knows that it is always safer than many other modalities for better health and fast tension release.

Results of treating TMJ with acupuncture have turned out to be long-lasting for many patients. Feel free to contact our dentistry acupuncture expert (Thousand Oaks, CA: 805-496-5700/Brentwood, CA: 310-401-0813) to schedule an appointment or schedule an in-person at our reception desk.


TMJ Acupuncturist Thousand Oaks