Customized Transport Solutions

Custom-Engineered Transport + Logistics Solutions

We build logistics plans from scratch just for you.

Sometimes logistics projects don’t fit into a neatly defined category. When there’s a tangle of interdependent needs, pieces that don’t easily fit together, or complicated regulatory requirements, you need a trusted, experienced, consultative partner. American Expediting has taken on the most intricate logistics challenges and successfully delivered for customers when their organization, revenue, supply chain, or patients are on the line.

How We Deliver Outside the Box

1. Understand

Our highly trained logistics consultants will work closely with your team to fully understand your objectives, metrics, and the scope of your needs.

2. Build

We’ll dissect available data, pull together the right experts, carefully assess alternatives, and develop an effective, efficient plan. Whatever it takes to get from Point A to Point B to Point C and beyond, we’ll dig in and map out the best possible solution.

3. Deliver

We’ll deliver on your customized transport plan with precision, ensuring you have full visibility to each step of the journey and nimbly adapting as needed. We’ll provide reports and dashboards tailored to your specific key performance indicators.

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Case Studies

American Expediting is a national carrier with a well established, proven transportation network and a team of highly trained, creative logistics experts. Our logistics managers leverage our more than 40 warehouses across the country and our network of drivers and agent partners to turn your logistics challenges into growth opportunities.

Learn how American Expediting can develop and deliver custom solutions for you.