National Logistics

National Logistics

Our 30 years of transportation and national logistics excellence have given us the credentials to think in terms of the big picture.

Each day, customers rely on the American Expediting National Logistics group to manage processes that are integral to their business model and help manage their flow of inventory, step-by-step, including:

  • Receiving from a manufacturer or distributor
  • Creating the proper inventory and management program
  • Positioning inventory effectively within our 24/7 warehouses
  • Communicating/resolving OS&D issue with manufacturers and truckers
  • Creating the end product to consignee based on pick-and-pack orders
  • Managing the consignee inventory at their location and replenishing as needed
  • Resolving asset recovery and return logistics

Through our national call center, you have access to our entire ground and air courier network, 24/7. And by using Shipping Wizard — our online real-time order entry and tracking system — you can monitor your delivery’s progress every step of the way. To put our National Logistics group to work for you, call us at 800-525-3278. Or click here to contact us for more information.

When you partner with our national logistics center, we get it down to one:

  • One point of contact
  • One rate for all cities
  • One invoice for everything
  • One solution provider

If there is any kind of problem, American Expediting doesn’t merely alert you to it, we apprise you of the solution. Our national call center affords you a dedicated team of professionals with the added value of administrative and managerial cost savings. The results? A streamlined delivery process, shortened schedules, reduced paperwork and complete satisfaction for our customers.