Animal Transportation-Pet Transportation

Animal Transportation

We can accommodate virtually any specialized transport request. We take great care in Animal Transportation.

American Expediting is licensed by the USDA to handle the delicate transport of your four-legged friends, birds, reptiles and small mammals. We are experts at Animal Transportation-Pet Transportation.  Our staff is trained in all aspects of safe animal handling and will go the extra mile to care for all creatures in our control.

We are also specialists when it comes to lab animals. We understand how valuable an investment they are and our vehicles are insured and equipped in accordance with Animal Transport Association recommendations. These include nonporous floors and walls, controlled heat and air conditioning, proper disinfection/sanitizing, crates or cages, and feeding and watering if directed.

Our position is that the animal transportation-pet transportation business has grown dramatically. So we have dedicated staff to monitor all aspects of it, from securing the proper veterinary documentation to meeting requirements for regulated and non-regulated species to monitoring airline efficacy and communications between institutions. To arrange pickup and delivery, contact our animal transportation experts at 800-525-3278. Or to schedule a pick up or delivery click here.