Air courier

Air Courier

Nobody gets it there through the air like American Expediting.

Our long-term relationships with regional and national passenger and air cargo companies make us the Air courier of choice in our service areas. Of special importance is our “chain of custody” process, which requires signatures from all of your package’s handlers, ensuring it is always accounted for.

We’re proud to be authorized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to ship packages on commercial airlines. We’re known as an IAC (Indirect Air Carrier). We share the responsibility to ensure that the safety of air transportation is not compromised — and we take our job very seriously.

American Expediting is happy to handle all aspects of the transportation, from pickup, shipping with the airline to the last-mile delivery to the consignee, provided you are a known shipper in accordance with TSA regulations. If you are not a known shipper, we can help you become one at no cost.

Choose from two Air Courier options:


With this time-critical option, a TSA-certified American Expediting courier is immediately dispatched to your pickup location, and your package is routed on the first available flight to the destination city. Working with the selected carrier, our air services expeditor tracks your package’s travel, arrival and handoff to a waiting American Expediting courier, who rushes your delivery directly to its recipient.

Proof of Delivery is transmitted immediately to our Dispatch Desk, which then notifies you by phone or email. American Expediting customers can also use our online Shipping Wizard to track their shipments electronically, door to door.

Fast Air Freight

Even if you’re not using Next-Flight-Out, American Expediting is still your best resource for navigating the nuances of air shipments on the ground, in the terminal and beyond — and an excellent resource for air alternatives.

For example, if you need to move a dozen pallets across state lines, let our team of experienced expeditors plot a plan that is cost-effective and meets your deadline. Often times American Expediting can drive your freight to its destination cheaper than flying. Count on us to come up with the best solution.

To arrange Next-Flight-Out or Fast Air Freight expediting of your delivery, call us at 800-525-3278. Or click here to schedule pick up or delivery.