Coastline Behavioral Health ranks among the most innovative and advanced rehabilitation facilities, with premier amenities, results-oriented programs, and impeccable patient care and support. Unlike conventional 12-step-based clinics, our Orange County drug rehab centers use a blend of medicine, psychiatry, and holistic healing to help patients garner the best results.

Why our rehabilitation treatment is different

Our top-rated addiction rehab centers in Orange County, CA, rely on multiple procedures and modalities to address our patients’ addiction conditions and co-occurring disorders. These are all part of a life-changing recovery plan following specific recovery milestones, including:

  • On-point assessment and diagnosis – The evaluation process is critical when dealing with severe disorders, often accompanied by life-threatening withdrawal and co-occurring mental problems. Our facility offers in-depth clinical evaluations on-site, allowing our experts to determine your conditions’ gravity and prescribe adequate treatment immediately.
  • Stabilization and recovery via personalized treatment – After the assessment phase, our clinicians will place you into detox to help you cope with your withdrawal, control cravings, and cleanse your system of toxins. The rehabilitation treatment that follows includes a variety of rehab and recovery modalities, including pharmacotherapy, behavioral therapies, medication management, holistic recovery, and healing, etc. We will adapt the recovery treatment to your unique case, looking to ensure optimal rehabilitation and the best long-lasting benefits.
  • Preparation for social reintegration and independent living – Our program aims to ultimately prepare patients for social reintegration. At our Orange County inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, we train patients in sober living and relapse prevention, helping them develop healthy living routines over time. This will allow them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, not worrying about relapse or dealing with chronic co-occurring disorders.
  • Personal growth – Our drug rehab in Orange County is more of a personal development program than anything else. Our staff prepares patients for a more responsible and structured lifestyle moving forward, helping them grow more positive, confident in themselves, and emotionally and spiritually balanced and healthy. It is time-consuming process, but it’s worth all the investment.

What you should expect from our treatment

You need to realize that the rehab’s success will depend on your commitment and dedication along the way. The rehab in Orange County will test your willpower and strength of mind, as it will come with its unique ups and downs like any other recovery program. The good news is that you won’t walk this journey alone. Our CA drug and alcohol rehab program promotes peer support in a conducive, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment.

At our Orange County drug rehab centers, you will meet other people fighting the same battles and relying on your help just as much as you’ll rely on theirs. Our professionals will also contribute to making your stay at our facility an unforgettable and worthwhile experience.

Contact Coastline Behavioral Health at 714-841-2260, make an appointment, and come in for assessment, detox, and treatment! This is your chance to retake control of your life and future and work with our experts to quit addiction for good.

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