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Many life science deliveries are time-critical and temperature-sensitive, some are irreplaceable, and others are truly life-saving. All impact the health and quality of life of patients.

American Expediting is completely committed to supporting the most complex and mission-critical medical warehousing, logistics, and delivery requirements:

  • Organ and blood donations
  • Specialty compound pharmacy drugs
  • Clinical trial materials
  • Specimens
  • Radioactive pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratory animals
  • Lab equipment + parts
  • Medical + surgical equipment + parts
  • Much more


It’s all in a day’s work for our highly professional logistics managers, who are thoroughly trained on HIPAA and hazardous materials handling.


We’ll craft customized protocols that address your unique requirements and ensure everyone involved in your organization’s work is prepared to take on your biggest challenges.


Your vital equipment parts can be warehoused in any of our 40+ locations nationwide so regardless of weather or distance, we can get the part you need wherever you need it to be.

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Healthcare Transport
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Certifications + Accreditations

American Expediting provides storage environments and transport solutions that fully protect your drugs and therapies. We are committed to compliance with the established standards of Good Storage Practice (GSP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) — our policies and protocols are entirely focused on minimizing your risk and optimizing your supply chain.

We have years of experience managing the most complex cold chain requirements and carry the qualifications and certifications needed to meet regulatory standards — ISO 9001, GDP Platinum Certification, IAC, HIPAA, and more — and facilitate every step of your pharmaceutical distribution. American Expediting operates according to the full security compliance requirements of TSA and DHS following IACSSP 6A (Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program).

Ich Harmonisation
Good Distribution Practice
Good Storage Practice

Our valued customers include:

  • Hospitals
  • Optical labs
  • Medical labs
  • Dental labs
  • Research labs
  • Pharmacies
  • Surgery centers
  • Infusion centers
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dental offices
  • Ambulatory clinics

“We have experienced a lot of growth and as we have merged with other blood centers. We always recommend American Expediting as a same-day, STAT delivery provider.”

Blood Bank, Pittsburgh, PA

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