How We Make Sure Your Delivery Arrives On Time

In the Southeast, when hurricanes cause electrical outages or closed roads, your delivery still gets to its destination on time.


As a 24/7, 365 days a year of company, it’s important that American Expediting Company puts the customer first. There’s no question that deliveries still need to be made during storms. Electrical or phone outages are easily bypassed. We have numerous offices in the country that are able to take over and help during difficult environments.

Our dispatchers are trained to handle services in multiple cities. Our National Call Center in Pittsburgh is exceptional at handling any issues that may arise. The Courier Management System we use allows all dispatchers to be aware of the various deliveries going in and out of a city. So when a problem occurs, such as a storm, a dispatcher in another city can quickly take over and resolve the situation. This may mean letting the customer know of any traffic or obstacles that can affect pickup, or delivery, as well as providing up to date information on the status of the courier. Regardless of the issue, the customer remains informed because our other offices can quickly act as backup to handle the job.

As a nationwide company, we are capable of handling your job in a city, regardless of the circumstances. American Expediting Company cares about the customer AND the package. We value each and every job that we take on, and ensure that it is handled with care. All of our offices are equipped with the tools necessary to cover your delivery, so that you never have to worry.