Detroit courier service

Detroit is our Super Site of the week Location !!! Detroit Courier Service

Detroit courier service

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Detroit courier service . Our Super Site of the week location for this week is Detroit or (DTW). A big thanks to Joel and the DTW crew for keeping that level of Quality in everything they do and helping this company to grow one delivery at a time!


A little about the MOTOR CITY : The Detroit office was opened in March of 2004. It started in the loft of Pilot Air Freight (Customer), then moving into it’s own office 6 months later which was about 5,000 sq ft until 2014 when it picked up 20,000 sq ft of warehouse customers. Then moving to it’s current location which is about 12,000 sq ft and is a 24 hour call center that watches over a total of 8 offices on nights weekends and holidays. The office currently employ’s about 24 people ranging from warehouse help, dispatchers, customer service reps, administrative personnel, Manager Ann-Marie Siren & Regional Manager Joel Matanzas. Detroit built it’s reputation and success on dedicated work maintaining long term relationship’s with customers who have been doing work in Detroit for over 12 years. It is the relationships with these long term customers that has allowed DTW to continue to grow and become one of American Expediting’s largest and busiest offices.

Lets meet the Team !!

Joel Matanzas Regional Manager, Fred Boyd, Patrick Kwalton, Kristofer Matanzas, Melissa Harper, Bonnie Krieg, Timothy Booth Warehouse Supervisor, Victoria Newell , Lance Talyor, Ann-Marie Siren Operations Manager, Marquitta Cotton. Libra Ramsey Victoria Adeshina, Kristi Martinez, Beth Carlson, Gretchen Love, Elizabeth Harper, Guy Day, Triston Foster, Jodi Williams.