cleveland courier service

Cleveland Is our SUPER SITE of the week!! Cleveland courier service

Cleveland courier service. Cleveland is our super site of the week and through their hard work we continue to grow as a company one delivery at a time ! Thanks Cleveland!!


A little information about Cleveland Office:

-We currently staff 64 drivers and are continuously hiring more drivers. We have cars, mini vans, SUV, Cargo Vans, Extended Sprinter Vans, Standard sprinters, and various sized straight trucks.


– Our warehouse has 1 dock high door & 1 dock door that can be driven into our warehouse. Currently we have approx 800-1,000 sq ft of warehouse space available, more space will be opening up soon.

– We do have a fridge in our warehouse for shipments that requires refrigeration throughout the day & overnight

– Forklift. Pallet Jack. and shipping materials readily available.

– Office hours when we are in- Mon-Friday 0800-1800 hours.Nights and weekends we turnover to another city. We can accept freight to be dropped off to our warehouse on the weekend, as long as I (manager) am notified in advance to ensure I or a dispatcher can be here to accept the freight.

– The Cleveland Airport is located 5 minutes from our office. UPS & FedEx are directly across the street from us. Forward Air is 2 miles from our office.

– TSA Certified drivers. Hazmat & Dangerous Goods certified drivers.


In the photos:

Mark Deskovich- Logistics Coordinator

Andrea Bryant (in the printed shirt) Logistics Coordinator

Christina Sanders (black shirt) Operations Manager

Feel free to reach out and connect with our Cleveland Team. Working together to help grow our business is a priority in 2017. While there is always room for improvement its important to recognize hard work and dedication.