American Expediting Testimonials


Here’s a sampling of comments from the thousands of satisfied American Expediting customers we serve nationwide. Some are identified by name and some are from customers whose company policies require them to remain nameless. We hope you’ll write to us about your positive experience with us, too.

“Just wanted to let you know that Miguel saved the day for me by providing a lift gate truck with pallet jack and 2 men to pick up in Sandston, VA, near Richmond this morning between 9 and 10 am and deliver to Charlottesville by 12 noon. Thank you!”

Darcelle W. Jazaeri
Lead Dispatcher, DHL Same Day, Sterling, VA

“Great service, fast getting my quotes back, accommodates our needs and rectifies any problems we have fast and efficient. Our American Expediting account executive Joan is always available. Thank you!”

Susan G.
Pet Taxi Los Angeles, CA

“Vic, my name is Jim Murdock and I am the district manager for Ecolab. I have been working with Joel and his team for about 3 years. I just want to say they do a great job of servicing us. I had a situation the other day where I had movers set up to assist us in moving some kitchen equipment and they never showed up. I called Joel and asked if he could assist. He said he had to take a quick call and would get back to me. About 10 minutes later he called me back and he was in his truck asking me where the location was and he was out on his way. Joel got me out of a tough situation. We were able to service our customer without a hitch. I say OUR customer because Joel and his team are true partners. Thanks! ”

Jim Murdock
DM – Great Lakes Equipment Care, Troy, MI

“Hi Mr. Finnegan —I am the registered dietitian for the Dean Ornish program at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, and I wanted to let you know how very appreciative we here at Jefferson are of the outstanding service your employees have provided to us throughout the years I have worked for this program.

Lenny Santora has been my main contact since 2006 and has always accommodated our every request with utmost speed, accuracy, and above all, friendliness. Our usual couriers, Jimmy for our morning deliveries, and Neil and his wife Adrienne or son Cory, are all absolutely wonderful. You should be very happy that they represent your company, and I personally am so grateful that they have made my job so much easier over the past 5 years.

Thank you so very much for providing our courier services to the Dean Ornish program, and although I am leaving my position here, I feel comfortable knowing that this service will remain as efficient as it always has been. I would certainly highly recommend your company, and these specific employees, if anyone would ever ask! ”

Debbie Wooldridge, RD, LDN, DM
Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Jefferson Hills, PA

“I really like the web interface…. So far I am very pleased.”

Jerod King
Short Run Printing, LTD, Scottsdale, AZ

“Great start to our new courier system! Interactions with Ms. Gordon from American Expediting have been very positive. She was early for each run today!

I’d like to personally thank all those who worked behind the scenes, especially MAJ Lock and Ms. Tripp, for making this happen and meeting our 1 AUG deadline. Strong work!”

Jerod King
Short Run Printing, LTD, Scottsdale, AZ

“In this business, we get plenty of ‘bad news calls’ so I wanted to share a very positive experience I had yesterday and tell you what a good job your driver, Bill P…did for us yesterday. We have some very time-critical shipments going to Japan to support the nuclear power plant debacle and this shipment was one of them…very high visibility with lots of executive stress from the client. Bill made great time, kept us updated throughout the drive and had all his documents in order. I met Bill at UA Cargo to assist in the tendering process and he was very helpful and professional.

Please extend my appreciation for a job well done to Bill and the American Expediting crew! Many thanks!”

Geoff Brandquist
Quick International Couriers

“I really have to tell you that you guys are intensely efficient. You always receive the orders quickly, keep us updated, and complete them quickly. You are all Rock Stars! Thank you!”

Jerod King
Short Run Printing, LTD, Scottsdale, AZ

“I just wanted to thank the American Expediting Trucking team of PA that handled my freight!!! I had a problem with a delivery on Friday, March 4, 2011. The freight was originally picked up by Con-Way on 3/2/11. Well, to make a long story short, Con-Way screwed up the order and would not have been able to deliver until the following week (Ohio to West Virginia — totally unacceptable!).

It all started with a call to Lou at American Expediting Trucking Company in Berea, Ohio, who suggested I call PA and speak with Chuck Kemps. Chuck took all my information and made the delivery happen and me VERY HAPPY! Chuck called me when the order was picked up from the Con-Way Terminal in North Huntingdon, PA, and then again when the driver was near the delivery address.

I would like to possibly use American Expediting Trucking again. Please give me a call or send me whatever paperwork I need to complete for future business. Once again, thanks to Chuck and his team for a smooth delivery!”

Rozie B
Great Western Juice Co, Maple Heights, OH

“I wanted to share that our customer thought Jim was ‘a gem.’ She said he was very kind, gentle and helpful. These qualities are very important to the pet owner and we appreciate you making us look so good. Thank you!

Debbie H. Rogers
All Pet Travel, LTD, Tucson, AZ

“Thank you to Rick and his team for helping my lab! While my company does not permit me to give testimonials using the name of my medical diagnosis lab, I feel that it is important to share this publicly. After trying out a few different companies to handle my specimens, I gave American Expediting a try. My search has ended. For the past six months our schedule pickups have gone flawlessly, and I can now go on to finding quality couriers in other markets that we service. Strongly Recommend!

A medical lab customer

“My company needs a rush courier to deliver a package for us to the Indianapolis airport. American Expediting made it easy to get set up with all the required documentation, and have recently taught us how to place all of our orders on their online system.

An Indiana customer

“I used to believe in the saying, ‘If it is not broke, don’t fix it,’ until I tested a new courier service in Tampa. American Expediting supplies us with well-trained drivers for our highly sensitive documents, and consistently achieves the tough time limitations we need to support our own clients.

A Florida customer

“Thank you to Bob and his team for going the extra mile with a local delivery my company needed in the Orlando area. They picked up at the airport and delivered to my client, all along informing me of the progress of the package. I couldn’t imagine using another company in Florida, when American Expediting can handle the entire state for me.

Another Florida customer

“I love the availability of this company. When they say they are available 24/7 they really mean it. I had a rush delivery that required a ‘midnight run.’ The friendly night staff took care of me as if it was 1 pm. Even though I was tired and cranky the helpful staff got my package delivered in no time and kept me informed the entire time. This was an ideal situation. From now on American Expediting is my go-to Courier.

A satisfied customer

“Great Service!!”

Another satisfied customer

“The Cleveland and Toledo Operations teams and drivers have a great relationship with the doctors’ offices where they pick up our medical specimens. They have gone over and above what we could ever expect in a courier service.

An Ohio customer

“This is the only courier in the Columbus area that showed us flexibility when we needed it. I now use them for my hotshots, and as my fill-in for our own routed drivers.”

Another Ohio customer