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Detroit courier service

Detroit is our Super Site of the week Location !!! Detroit Courier Service

Detroit courier service

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Detroit courier service . Our Super Site of the week location for this week is Detroit or (DTW). A big thanks to Joel and the DTW crew for keeping that level of Quality in everything they do and helping this company to grow one delivery at a time!


A little about the MOTOR CITY : The Detroit office was opened in March of 2004. It started in the loft of Pilot Air Freight (Customer), then moving into it’s own office 6 months later which was about 5,000 sq ft until 2014 when it picked up 20,000 sq ft of warehouse customers. Then moving to it’s current location which is about 12,000 sq ft and is a 24 hour call center that watches over a total of 8 offices on nights weekends and holidays. The office currently employ’s about 24 people ranging from warehouse help, dispatchers, customer service reps, administrative personnel, Manager Ann-Marie Siren & Regional Manager Joel Matanzas. Detroit built it’s reputation and success on dedicated work maintaining long term relationship’s with customers who have been doing work in Detroit for over 12 years. It is the relationships with these long term customers that has allowed DTW to continue to grow and become one of American Expediting’s largest and busiest offices.

Lets meet the Team !!

Joel Matanzas Regional Manager, Fred Boyd, Patrick Kwalton, Kristofer Matanzas, Melissa Harper, Bonnie Krieg, Timothy Booth Warehouse Supervisor, Victoria Newell , Lance Talyor, Ann-Marie Siren Operations Manager, Marquitta Cotton. Libra Ramsey Victoria Adeshina, Kristi Martinez, Beth Carlson, Gretchen Love, Elizabeth Harper, Guy Day, Triston Foster, Jodi Williams.

cleveland courier service

Cleveland Is our SUPER SITE of the week!! Cleveland courier service

Cleveland courier service. Cleveland is our super site of the week and through their hard work we continue to grow as a company one delivery at a time ! Thanks Cleveland!!


A little information about Cleveland Office:

-We currently staff 64 drivers and are continuously hiring more drivers. We have cars, mini vans, SUV, Cargo Vans, Extended Sprinter Vans, Standard sprinters, and various sized straight trucks.


– Our warehouse has 1 dock high door & 1 dock door that can be driven into our warehouse. Currently we have approx 800-1,000 sq ft of warehouse space available, more space will be opening up soon.

– We do have a fridge in our warehouse for shipments that requires refrigeration throughout the day & overnight

– Forklift. Pallet Jack. and shipping materials readily available.

– Office hours when we are in- Mon-Friday 0800-1800 hours.Nights and weekends we turnover to another city. We can accept freight to be dropped off to our warehouse on the weekend, as long as I (manager) am notified in advance to ensure I or a dispatcher can be here to accept the freight.

– The Cleveland Airport is located 5 minutes from our office. UPS & FedEx are directly across the street from us. Forward Air is 2 miles from our office.

– TSA Certified drivers. Hazmat & Dangerous Goods certified drivers.


In the photos:

Mark Deskovich- Logistics Coordinator

Andrea Bryant (in the printed shirt) Logistics Coordinator

Christina Sanders (black shirt) Operations Manager

Feel free to reach out and connect with our Cleveland Team. Working together to help grow our business is a priority in 2017. While there is always room for improvement its important to recognize hard work and dedication.



Courier Services

American Expediting is leading the charge in same day on-demand specialty logistics.

Specialty logistics is a ever present force in our daily lives.  With the market for same day-on demand-specialty logistics exploding it is becoming more and more competitive every day. One of the cornerstones of our business operations here at American Expediting is our dedication to quality . Quality is a descriptive term to describe the overall experience and it doesn’t just start or stop with a delivery. We ensure quality throughout the entire process. From our customer service representatives to our dispatchers and warehouse team all the way to our corporate social responsibility and professional practices. This Mantra of “Quality in Everything We Do” has motivated us since 1983. Now more than ever that mind-set will continue to do so.

delivery vanCourier Service-Medical Courier Service-same day couriercleveland courier servicePhiladelphia Courier Service-same day courierPhiladelphia Courier Service-same day courierSame day delivery Philadelphia-same day courier

At American Expediting we feel it is important to recognize our team for a job well done.

We have offices nationwide and our team is out there everyday providing quality of service and performing true to our core values and higher purpose as a company.  We would like to recognize our Columbus Ohio team for there hard work and continued growth. The staff has exemplified the term teamwork.  With this location steadily growing it has been there dedication to quality service that has helped American Expediting reach our goal in being a leader in this industry. Hats off to our Columbus team.  Thank you for your continued dedication. Lets meet the team.

Like all of our locations, the Columbus team prides itself on being able to handle all of your same-day on-demand needs.  The possibilities are endless in what we can transport. We offer different options for same-day listed below. Contact us for more info:

Choose from three service levels:

  • Regular Same Day Service: Provides pickups on an ASAP basis with no hard delivery deadline. Deliveries are generally accomplished within three hours based on mileage.
  • Rush Service: Packages are picked up within 30 minutes and delivered within 1–2 hours, based on mileage.
  • Direct-Drive Service: The ultimate priority service: packages/freight are picked up within 15–30 minutes and delivered directly. No other stops made, no co-mingling of deliveries.

We’re a recognized industry leader in providing top-notch service, seasoned couriers, nationwide coverage and a “We Say Yes!” attitude. When we receive a request for service, our efforts don’t end until a viable, cost-effective solution is at hand.

From documents, small parcels, legal and medical shipments to exotic animals and pets to complete supply chain logistics solutions, American Expediting delivers dependably for its customers nationwide. We built our company one delivery at a time. We’d like to build our relationship with you the same way. To arrange Same Day/On-Demand handling of your next shipment or delivery, call 800-525-3278.

Medical Couriers

Medical Couriers and Specialty Logistics providers are in the business of saving lives. Our job is important in saving lives at American Expediting.

Medical Couriers and Specialty Logistics Services Providers are in the business of saving lives.

Time and time again we are transporting essential medications, specimens, blood and fluids to hospitals and patients that are saving lives and curing disease. The need for stat medications and fluids could and sometimes is the difference between life and death. We at American Expediting take this very seriously and our dedication to quality and precise specialty logistics is setting us apart. Our Medical Couriers are up to the task.

We handle everything from blood-bank transport to the delivery of essential medications in clinical trials and to aid in the fight against cancer.  It is both an honor and privilege for us to be tasked with doing so.  With patients and clinical staff depending on us we take every step of the process very seriously and dedicate ourselves to completing each delivery in a timely professional and compassionate way.

As a company we continue to grow and expand. We vow to continue to provide the highest quality of service to our customers.

delivery vanCourier Service-Medical Courier Service-same day couriercleveland courier servicePhiladelphia Courier Service-same day courierPhiladelphia Courier Service-same day courierSame day delivery Philadelphia-same day courier


Deliveries to hospitals and clinics from blood banks is the most essential and on demand service that is utilized by our customers. The following is a story that happens all the time. This is why we do what we do.

“October 17, 2013 did not go as anyone had pictured it. It started as a day filled with anticipation and excitement as I was admitted to the labor and delivery floor to have our first child – a baby girl we named Georgia. It was the day after my due date, so she was actually quite punctual. After a pretty easy labor and a smooth delivery of our 8 pound, 8 ounce healthy baby girl, I began feeling ill. The medical staff equated it with a drop in my blood pressure and tilted my bed back to make me feel better, which worked initially. I had lost more blood than normal during the delivery, and it still seemed like there was something wrong.  My doctor told me that I was continuing to bleed and she couldn’t see where it was coming from, so we needed to go to the operating room (OR) to get a better look.

I ended up developing a very rare condition called disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) that kept my blood from clotting normally. DIC has a high mortality rate and is difficult to control. I lost over three liters of my own blood and was in the OR for more than 3 intense hours while numerous physicians, CRNAs, nurses and technicians worked to stop my bleeding.  I received 12 units of blood, 6 units of fresh frozen plasma, and 2 units of platelets before I finally became stable and the bleeding was controlled. What had started as a happy, exciting day had ended in a roller coaster of emotions as my family waited to hear good news about my condition. The next morning I woke up intubated in the critical care unit where I stayed for two days before being able to move back to the labor and delivery floor with my husband and new baby girl. We stayed a total of 5 days in the hospital before we finally brought our little girl home with grateful hearts for the miracle that took place in our lives.

A few weeks after going home from the hospital I had the opportunity, along with my husband Todd and our daughter, to meet some employees from Arkansas Blood Institute. I was able to thank them and to let them see, first hand, the benefits and changed lives that resulted from the work that they do every day. It was a humbling experience to say the least.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I’ve never donated blood in the past; however, Arkansas Blood Institute has gained a lifelong blood donor after my experience. If it wasn’t for blood, plasma and platelet donors, the skilled medical staff wouldn’t have had the resources they needed to save my life and my Georgia would’ve grown up without her mother. I cannot express the extent to which blood donors have affected our family’s life. They kept our world from falling apart that day. Without them, I wouldn’t be enjoying the blessing of becoming a mother to a healthy, happy little girl.  Donating blood is such an easy way that each one of us can give back and change the lives of not only recipients but their loved ones as well. My daughter gets to know her mommy in part because a dozen people decided to donate blood.”

There are stories like this coming in from all over the country because of the work of hospital staff and the dedicated courier services tasked with stat transportation. We will continue to provide this valuable service and take pride in what we do.

For more information on our services please click on this link.