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TOUGHEST Issue In On Demand Delivery

Yes, this is the TOUGHEST safety issue in on-demand delivery.

American Expediting is known for the fastest deliveries in the country. Call us, we are there in 30 minutes, deliveries an hour later. This happens thousands of times each day but a lot more goes into operating our business.

For one.  We list safety as the most important aspect in everything we do. Safety of the customer’s property, Safety of our facilities, Safety in ensuring the timeliness of life saving medications and most importantly our obligation to practice safety on the road.

Each week we discuss safety throughout the country.

One item, on everyone’s mind is the tragedies caused by distracted driving.

Our National Enemy:

Texting while driving.

Our couriers and staff receive constant reminders to avoid distracted driving at all costs.

Yes, a thousand problems can arise during a delivery. Our dispatchers and customer service representatives are capable of handling those without missing a beat.

But a driver’s safety is of utmost importance. If something tragic happens to a driver, or is caused by a driver, then nothing is going to be able to fix that. An unsafe driver can jeopardize not only the delivery itself by eliminating its chances of reaching the destination, but also the lives of others around him.

Imagine when you hear disappointing news regarding a road tragedy. Your day completely changes. You think about life very differently.

Studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving has increased the risk of having an accident by 34%.

Any kind of use fits in that category, such as:

  • Dialing on the keypad
  • Texting
  • Taking a photo
  • Inputting an address for GPS
  • Looking at social media

We value life dearly at American Expediting Company. The focus is on ensuring every courier follows proper safety procedures. This includes not doing any of the previously mentioned points while driving. The key is for couriers to do them when parked.

Couriers for American Expediting Company do the following while parked to avoid causing an accident:

  • Dial phone calls
  • Send text messages
  • Navigate and find locations

The best part is, technology is capable of improving all of these. There are hands-free speakerphones and bluetooth headsets along with apps that allow you to text and communicate in your vehicle or even while walking and delivering a package. Couriers know when to communicate over the phone and when they should hang up and talk about it later due to road conditions or traffic.

When a dispatcher has to update a courier with details on an a delivery (new address, phone number, reference and shipping numbers, etc), the courier is instructed to pull over and write down the details. The dispatcher may also send them details on their mobile app that contains all of the information they need on the delivery. Then, when the courier is parked, he or she can view the updated details.

Every driver on the road, courier or not, is at risk of causing an accident while using a cell phone. That’s why American Expediting couriers look out for other individuals on the road and encourage them to NOT text and drive. It puts others in danger and it’s important to raise awareness about it.

There are so many safety measures and protocols that can be implemented in your business. We place our efforts in encouraging driver safety for our independent contractors. And the best part is, couriers for American Expediting Company do the same by trying to improve safety out on the road. We hope that everyone is doing the same.

The best way to improve safety on the road is to lead by example.

The 6 biggest PAINS with holiday deliveries. (See how we cure them)

It’s very common for a customer to call a courier company during this time of the year and hear endless ringing. Maybe they get to the next step and someone answers the phone, only to sound like they don’t want to speak with them or put them on hold. And then maybe you get someone who wants to put in an order and either it’s excruciatingly slow or not enough details are taken, which causes issue with pickup or delivery.

So much for holiday cheer.

Has this happened to you?

It’s a common issue many of our customers have faced before coming to us.

We’re deep in the holiday season now and it’s getting super busy out there on the roads! Every shipping company in the world is ramping up their efforts to handle the demand of deliveries. On a day to day basis, it can be difficult to anticipate the increased needs and changes required to handle the high volume of orders.

Same day and on demand deliveries are extremely crucial to American Expediting Company during this time of year. It’s easy for us to assess the seasonal demand, simply because we’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

When you’ve been in the business this long, you end up knowing your way around.

This season comes with all kinds of obstacles:

  1. unforeseen traffic
  2. airline delays
  3. closed offices
  4. stress of handling an order.
  5. busy on the other line
  6. lack of detail from the courier company

On Demand is Crucial during the Holidays

The goal during this time (and any time of the year), is to eliminate the stress that comes with all of these issues. We staff our offices all throughout the country with customer service representatives and dispatchers to handle all needs. They answer the customer’s calls, greet them accordingly, and receive all necessary information to ensure proper delivery.

These all sound simple. And in fact, they really are. But how many times have you had issues putting an order in with XYZ company? These are simple essentials that ALL of our representatives adhere to. The best part is, these eliminate potential problems! During this time of the year, the phones are off the hook and there are constant orders being placed. This does NOT stumble our offices because they are all staffed with experienced personnel.

The drivers that we have handling deliveries are all experienced to handle all different types of orders. They understand that each delivery is time-sensitive and do an amazing job communicating with the dispatcher, so that the customer can have up-to-date information. It’s so crucial to know what’s going on when there is traffic, a snowstorm, or just a simple hiccup at a pickup or delivery point.

We are open on EVERY holiday and we love doing it. We love meeting the customer’s needs because we know that on Christmas and New Year’s Day, that deliveries still need to be made. On demand deliveries don’t stop for us.
It’s the busiest time of the year and that’s quite alright. The customer is busy and so are we. And we’re happy to take care of any order that comes our way. That’s the beauty of it all.